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  • Taxpayers anonymously
    post their IRS problems
    on FeeAuction.com
  • Tax Pros registered with
    FeeAuction.com review
    case information, pay for
    bids, request additional
    details if necessary, and
    submit a fee and solution
    on cases that match their
  • Taxpayers review profiles of Tax
    Pros, compare submitted bids
    and solutions and ask additional
    questions anonymously, if
  • Taxpayers choose Tax Pros
    based on the fee and solution
    presented. Of course, the
    lowest bid is not necessarily
    the key to being selected.
  • The best bid is chosen by the Taxpayer.
    The Tax Pro is notified when their bid is
    selected and taxpayer contact information
    is then provided.
    Congratulations on obtaining a New
Access Cases Database
Creating your professional profile on FeeAuction.com is absolutely free.
Once you've registered, you'll get immediate access to thousands of cases from taxpayers looking to resolve their IRS problems.
Make an Offer
Select a case you like and make an offer by posting how much you would charge to handle the case. Ask additional questions, if necessary, to prepare the most accurate quote. Your bid is disclosed only to the taxpayer and not visible to others.
And Get Paid
Taxpayer reviews your profile and compares offers.
If your bid is selected as the winning bid, you will receive the contact information of the taxpayer to finalize your engagement and get paid.

How It works

Unhappy about paying for expensive print, TV and radio commercials or pay-per-clicks with low conversion ratio to find new IRS tax resolution clients? Instead of wasting money on these old-fashioned ways of advertising, FeeAuction.com provides you with FREE access to real cases posted by motivated taxpayers looking for professional help to resolve their IRS Problems NOW.

At FeeAuction.com you see all the case facts first, ask questions, if necessary, and then decide if you want to bid on that case. Set up automatic email notifications when a case that meets your criteria is posted on FeeAuction.com and be the first to provide a taxpayer with solution options and your fees. Remember, with FeeAuction.com you pay only for those cases that you choose, unlike traditional advertising where you pay for unknown results distributed to unknown number of your target audience.

It's time to change... time to Market SMART!

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