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Got an IRS Problem? Post Your Case to FeeAuction.com Tax Professionals Now
  • First, click the "Register" button at the top/right of the screen.
  • Next, click "I want to hire an IRS Representative" under "I'm a Taxpayer."
  • Begin Step 1 by answering questions about your IRS problem and its urgency.
  • Complete Step 2 by answering several specific questions about your IRS problem that will help Tax Professionals understand your specific case details and provide applicable solutions to your case. The more specific the information you provide, the better the Tax Professionals can provide solutions and their best price quote to solve your tax problems.
  • Complete Step 3 by filling in your personal contact information. Posting your case is always anonymous and we take great care in protecting your confidential personal information. We will never provide your contact information to third parties.
  • Preview your case to double-check your case details. Click "Edit Case" to change any answers, and when all details are accurate, click "Submit Case."
  • There is a modest fee of $9.99 necessary as part of the submission process. This small amount simply shows that you are serious about getting your tax problems solved.
  • An enhanced benefit available to those truly committed to getting their tax issues resolved is the integration of a Free IRS Transcript report. Once you have submitted your case, you will have an option to request and include IRS Transcripts with your case submission. This will give the Tax Professionals a much more detailed overview of your tax situation and therefore provide a much more accurate bid. ***Please be assured, your name, SS# and contact information from the IRS Transcript reports will not be visible on the case submission, and will only be released when you have selected a winning bid from the Tax Pro of your choice. Click here to see a sample report
  • You will then receive an email confirmation with a link to activate your case. Once your case is activated, it's then visible to our nationwide network of Tax Professionals.
  • Your case will then be reviewed by our Tax Professionals and you will soon thereafter receive proposals to solve your IRS tax problem for the best price.
  • It costs just $9.99 to get your case in front of our network of Tax Professionals who will provide you with solutions to your IRS problem and their best price quote within 3 business days.
Obtain Multiple Price Quotes and Solutions from Licensed IRS Representatives
  • Once your case is being automatically displayed to our network of Tax Professionals, they will review your case details and create proposals including solutions and their best price for solving your IRS problem.
  • Modify your case details any time during the bidding process by just logging in to FeeAuction.com, selecting your case and clicking "Edit Case." You can also edit your account information as necessary.
  • Every time a Tax Professional sends you a message or a proposal on your case, you will receive an email notification.
  • By logging in to FeeAuction.com, you will be able to see any messages Tax Professionals have sent you and review proposals on your case.
  • When a Tax Professional contacts you, you can review their professional profile by clicking on their name to learn more about their practice, specialties, location and any ratings or reviews they have received from other FeeAuction.com members.
  • You are under no obligation to accept any proposals and you can edit and re-post your case to receive new offers.
Solve IRS Tax Problems on Your Terms
  • After 3 business days, you should expect to receive several proposals including solutions and price quotes for solving your IRS problems.
  • This is your opportunity to review offers and ask the Tax Professionals who submitted bids any questions about solutions or fees pertaining to your IRS problem.
  • Once you select a winning bid, your personal contact information will be sent to only that Tax Professional. Your personal contact information is always kept confidential and anonymous until you accept a winning proposal.
  • What's next? Relief...
  • Contact the winning Tax Professional so that they can get to work solving your IRS problem for the very best price now.