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    Anonymously, Confidentially and
    Find IRS tax relief choosing the tax consultant that you think is best for your case.
  • Fee Auction has an extensive
    database of qualified, licensed tax professionals who are ready to fight to resolve your IRS problem. They will participate in a silent auction and bid
    on your case, and you will get
    anonymously and confidentially!
  • Since Tax Professionals compete to win your case, and they don’t know each other’s bid, you are guaranteed to receive their
  • You review the profiles of all bidders, ask them questions and even talk to them, and THEN you decide who to select as your Tax Pro. You choose the
    It’s that simple!
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How It works

Got an IRS tax problem and don't know where to find help? Using FeeAuction.com is much easier than searching for a Tax Professional online or remembering names from radio or newspaper ads offering unrealistic promises. That's because the FeeAuction.com bidding process results in offers from our nationwide network of licensed Tax Professionals with specific expertise in IRS representation, and they compete to solve your IRS tax problems now, and therefore give you their best price quote. It's your choice which solution to accept, so you are in control!

Most importantly, only licensed IRS Representatives - Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs) and Tax Attorneys - may participate on FeeAuction.com and provide you with their solutions and fees for solving your IRS tax problems, so you know it's not a scam. And best of all you tell about your IRS problem anonymously and confidentially. Tax Professionals do not know your name or your contact information, so you won't be getting unwanted phone calls or emails and can contact only those Tax Professionals that suit your needs best.

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